Comprehensive legal representation in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas
Comprehensive legal representation in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas


Crime Expunction

Every expunction is as different as the people involved in it. When you are considering an attorney to assist you with the many aspects of obtaining an expunction of your criminal record, you need one who is experienced and well-versed in any complications that might arise. The Law Office of Jerry W. Melton has helped Dallas-area residents with criminal expunctions for over four decades, and has the knowledge and resources to offer personalized counsel for your expunction.

While many expunctions are settled outside of court, Jerry Melton is willing to represent you in court, if necessary, to work for the outcome you deserve.

Trusted Legal Counsel – Helping You Navigate The Expunction Process

The legal process in receiving an expunction can be complicated. We strive to best represent you while also making the expunction process easier for you. Our firm is communicative and transparent, always ensuring you are aware of the status of your case, as well as any steps that should be taken. We take care to answer all of your expunction matters, so you are best prepared for any decisions you must make regarding its outcome.

As a board certified criminal law attorney, Jerry Melton has the experience to represent you regarding an expunction matter. To gain certification, attorneys must pass a rigorous evaluation, and continue handling more cases than the average lawyer. To start on your case with a criminal law attorney, schedule a free consultation online or call 972-980-8000.

We are happy to answer any of your expunction-related questions.

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